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  •  the ability to communicate effectively; and
     the ability to compete in a highly technological, computer-information oriented, global society.




    Goal & Objectives





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     To promote civic responsibilities of our students, faculty, and staff through community interactions 

     To provide students with the applied information technology skills necessary to compete successfully in today's workforce.

    Faculty & Staff

    Departmental Faculty & Staff Directory

    Schwarz, Jurgen - Professor & Chair

    Acquah, Sarah - Senior Lecturer
    Allen, Arthur L. - Professor
    Braxton, Kimberly - Assistant Professor
    Chi, Yeong-Hain - Assistant Professor
    Collick, Amy - Assistant Research Professor
    Cotton, Corrie, Assistant Research Professor 
    Dhekney, Sadanand - Associate Professor
    Escobar, Enrique N. - Assistant Professor
    Hashem, Fawzy - Research Associate
    Khatabi, Behnam - Assistant Professor
    Kumar, Naveen - Assistant Professor
    Marsh, Lurline - Professor 
    Min, Byungrok - Assistant Professor
    Nindo, Caleb - Associate Professor
    OH, Sang Hyon - Associate Professor
    Parveen, Salina - Associate Professor
    Silitonga, Maifan - Associate Professor
    Timmons, Jennifer R. - Assistant Professor
    Tubene, Stephan - Associate Professor
    Zebelo, Simon - Assistant Professor 

    Sykes, Gail, M.S.
    Crop Research and Aquaculture 
    Ph: 410-651-6625 
    Fax: 410-651-7656

    Canter, Earl

    Farm Manager
    Crop Research and Aquaculture 
    Ph: 410-651-6646 
    Fax: 410-651-7656 

    Harris, Chanda
    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 410-651-6168
    Fax: 410-651-7931

    Purnell, Lisa 

    USDA/1890 Program Manager
    1137 Trigg Hall 
    Ph: 410-651-6313 
    Fax: 410-651-7572

    Wise, Tamela 
    Program Manager 
    Center for Food Science & Technology 
    Ph: 410-651-8497 
    Fax: 410-651-8498 

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    GIS Program Manager 
    GeoTech Lab, Crop Research and Aquaculture 
    Ph: 410-651-6383 
    Fax: 410-651-7946